The Hottest MC list and why it is not relevant any more.

Just the other day we were told that a native Compton man, Kendrick Lamar, is the best MC in the game, like we didn’t already know that. Not only is he my personal favourite at the moment but Kendrick has excelled on the charts with his album and also with “Swimming Pools” becoming platinum.

I know that the MTV hottest MC list has been around for a long time, but is it too controversial anymore in the social media buzz of 2013 and so on.
Immediately after the reveal of the first 5 MC’s list, Kanye West speaks out over a brief and cut short radio interview. The G.O.O.D. Music godfather becomes enthusiased into a rage where he states that he made Sway, the host of the MTV Hottest MC’s show, and then hanging up the phone immediately afterwards making the interview rather short and a few questions unanswered.

When Kanye decides on producing another album in the next few years, will anyone care if he placed 7th or 8th on some list that is chosen by some people that think they know “the game”, when they rated 2 Chainz the 2nd Best in the Game. Throughout their debate over who should be where on a 10 person list, they comment on a lot of intangibles, like fashion and overall apperance, what ever happened to great music and epic cross nation tours?. Who cares if Kanye got a lot of press because of Kim Kardashian, he made some sick verses that complemented his talented crew of G.O.O.D. Music, this shows because his most recent signing of Big Sean placing on top of him on the controversial list.

Anyway apart from all that they made one good decision, the number one spot. Kendrick Lamar is probably developing into the prevailing artist of our generation, his new album is also the most amazing and exciting album that has been made in the last ten years, but I’ll talk about thy another time.

What do you think?, Should the list still be around or should it stay?, Comment below and don’t forget to follow me on twitter:


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